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Bloggers' Café @aasl2009
Café organizers: Buffy Hamilton, Gwyneth Jones, & Alice Yucht

What is a bloggers' café?
Have something to share, but for whatever reason you are not scheduled for a concurrent session? Consider signing up to present your stuff at our Bloggers' Café, the unconference side of Conference. Presentation equipment and internet connection will be available.

Want to take a comfortable break from the conference hubbub? Stop by and listen as your colleagues share their ideas at the Bloggers' Café.

Hang Out @ Bloggers' Cafe by brendadanderson

Please use these two pages to sign up for a unsession:
Friday signup
Saturday signup

Use the time to:
  • Host a discussion on a hot topic
  • Create a Birds of a Feather session
  • Present your best ideas for teaching, practice, collaboration, etc.
  • Expand on your Exploratorium poster
  • Expand on your concurrent session
  • Teach a skill
  • Invent a new type of unsession
  • Other?

An AASL Steampunk Movie
This poor Robot...this Clank, he can't join in on the Bloggers' Cafe...but YOU Can! Join us@the Unconference!

Love the xtranormal above! -- I can think of 5 ways to use that tool to market info lit... or as a "knowledge product" ! Thanks for the demo Steampunk!
For those of you visiting this cafe, and wondering where to go to learn some great tips for reaching our Millenial students, visit us in room 218 Friday 11:30 for Marketing Information Literacy... Take it from fido:

If you miss this session (as it's running concurrently with Joyce's) we'll catch you again another time, virtually.
See you in Charlotte to improve !

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